Ian Cuthbert is Karate England's general secretary.

Ian Cuthbert started training in 1972 and graded to 1st Dan under Sensei Suzuki in 1979. In 1982 Sensei Ian turned professional Instructor, one of the first in the country to do so, and has taught professionally ever since.


He has trained with a number of other Japanese Instructors including Sensei Shinohara, Sensei Shimitsu and Sensei Sugasawa in his early years and later was influenced by Instructors such as Victor Charles, Willie Vincent and Carl Dyer.


During the 90's he was impressed by the late Sensei Hayashi on his visits to London and changed his kata style to Shito Ryu accordingly.


In 2004 on a trip to Poland with the EKGB Midlands squad he met Christophe Pinna from France and subsequently spent many years following Sensei Pinna and adopting his training methods into his already successful system.  


As Shikon coach Sensei Ian formed a squad that dominated the last  years of the EKGB at National competitions and during that time had students win over 20 medals in the WKF. In fact Sensei Ian is the only coach in the UK that has had World Champions in four World bodies:- WKF, WUKO, IKU and WUKF.


Since 2000 he has trained regularly with Sifu Jim Uglow a renowned Yang family practitioner based here in the UK and has had the privilege to also train with the Yang family in Hong Kong. 


He still trains and teaches every day.