Michael Cormack is on the Karate England board and referee commissioner.

Michael started Karate at the age of 7 in the style of Wado Ryu with Peter Barrow. He than changed to Shito Ryu and achieved his 1st Dan at 14 years old, and is currently a 3rd Dan. He has competed successfully at national, european and world championships as a child, cadet and senior in kata and kumite, in WKF, WUKO, WUKF, IKU and UWK.

Michael began refereeing at 20 years old, achieved WUKO World kumite referee at 22 and IKU world referee at 29. He teaches Karate professionally and trains daily.

"I am always striving to better myself, and try to better Karate. I want to be a part of the best possible organisation, one my students can develop and thrive within."